Supporting Rapists

06/08/2016 Thoughts From DVCAC CEO


Supporting Rapists

By Linda D. Johanek, CEO Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center


Brock Turner and the rape case that follows him is the epitome of what is wrong with rape culture in our society today. Brock, a "clean-cut", white, Stanford educated, man, who is a star swimmer, from a family with influence and resources, was sentenced to only 6 months for raping an unconscious woman, convicted on 3 counts. We have themes of racism and sexism here. I wonder if a black man would have been sentenced the same. Probably not. Unless of course he is a star athlete, as we see time and time again.


I was going to post the letter that Brock's dad, Dan Turner, wrote to the judge but decided against it. The letter shows how clueless he is as he emphasizes that punishment for "20 minutes of action" in his son's 20+ years in life is a steep price to pay. I don't know about you, but I don't call the violent crime of rape "action"; it is a vicious, invasive crime, considered a felony. The fact that the dad made this statement and uttered other ridiculous statements such as - his son is so upset he now can't eat his favorite foods, such as steak, demonstrates how clueless and ignorant he is of the impact of rape. It's no wonder his son is convicted of rape. Attitudes are passed down from generation to generation. A major reality check is needed, not just for him, but for our society. 


Parents, teachers, coaches and friends can all influence the current generation by educating them about rape being a crime, getting consent, and respecting women and girls. Thankfully many people do this, but too many continue to foster the rape culture, the good ol' boy attitude, and the preference to side with athletic ability rather than strong character. We have seen this time and time again. I decided to post the victim's powerful statement. I have been working with Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center for 20 years, and have never heard such a descriptive, eloquent victim statement that is so comprehensive it educates all of us on the impact of rape. I have included the link here


Since the Brock Turner case is getting a great deal of press, it is a chance to educate others; we can all talk about rape as a crime, as uncomfortable as it is, the devastating impact, and the need for teaching respect for women-  not only on college campus, but everywhere. Just look at the son, and then the dad. I hope you take the time to read this letter. It's worth it.