Thank You to all Law Enforcement

7/25/2016 Press Release



Thank You to all Law Enforcement

(CLEVELAND, OH)  In the wake of the events leading up to RNC week, we watched violence erupt all around us, making everyone wonder if it would continue during the week of the convention in Cleveland.  Reports of over 10,000 protesters were planning to come to our city, some of whom are hate groups. The city has been planning for this event since the day they knew the convention was coming to the North Coast and we all hoped we would be ready for the unknown events that could take place.

The week before the RNC, Linda Johanek, CEO of Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center (DVCAC), said, “I am a believer in peaceful protests because they bring awareness to important issues of injustice. Demonstrations allow people to participate in something that can work toward positive change, and offers unity and support among those protesting. I believe change is possible, racism can be eradicated, and law enforcement and citizens can unite. Some people say I am too optimistic, but when the hill is steep, and people feel defeated, and our country has gone through familiar battles and uprisings over the years, it is understandable to feel that way; but I know it is possible”. DVCAC is an agency that is against all violence, supports social justice, and promotes hope and healing.  The agency applauds all that came out and had their voices heard but did so in a non-violent way. 

The 2008 RNC in Minnesota statistics cite that 800 protesters and bystanders were arrested; Cleveland had 23 according to last reports. Chief Williams and all the officers from Cleveland, Ohio, and so many other states deserve our biggest thank you for how they allowed everyone to have a voice while keeping the week safe and peaceful! Thank you for using your de-escalation skills to prevent interactions from getting out of hand; for praying, talking and hugging those gathered at public square; and for demonstrating to the entire country how citizens and law enforcement can cooperate with one another.



Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center (DVCAC) has 40 years of history leading the community in responding to victims of child abuse and domestic violence and working to break the cycle of abuse via prevention, intervention and community education. The Mission of Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center is to empower individuals, educate the community and advocate for justice to end domestic violence and child abuse.



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